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A additional title for this sculpture I fully support, “Man Holding Lover’s Gelato.” He just can’t look or he’ll eat it all up! #NaplesArcheologicalMuseum

Gorgeous sunset from the train. I attempted to catch the power lines in the frame but after am already inordinate amount of time and snapshots trying to catch it, here is the best #nofilter color/light shot. #BesideTheTuscanSun

Loved this on the walk to draw from Pierro Della Francesca frescos in Arezzo. #tuscany

Pope’s Harpsichord. I don’t want to know if someone played him to sleep.

The wide dome top of the Pantheon is on the middle left.

Venetian tiles in a royal Roman home below the only ceiling fresco painting painted by Caravaggio.

A Mopey Staircase Shadowlight Angel

On my walk “home” after ghost stories and world history discussions. A special evening at the British Academy for dinner, ta boot! #OliveJuice #Edwina #TeacherAdil #StudioVisit #Buddies #origins

Michangelo’s Pieta inside Saint Peter’s. #MarbleTriangles

Night Painting. We closed down The Vatican square! I didn’t feel finished with this painting but the “Polizia” decided I was. #TheVatican #StPeters #Roma #RomeArt #RomeArtProgram #Italy #Italia #HashtagParty

I spent a good amount of time as a kid finding figures, animals, and narrative scenes in late 70’s style linoleum, walls with textured white paint, and the wood grain of closet doors. I was just awakening here to a beautiful cedar (I think) wardrobe and I see a figure in a body of water, arms outstretched with one catching a cloud. All this having just heard a hilarious start to This American Life’s episode 528: A Radio Drama in which Ira Glass and an opera singer/audiobook narrator retell a story of the opera singer/audiobook narrator’s harrowing recorded tale of accidentally locking herself in a hotel closet through a Philip glass commissioned (just for the show) contemporary opera called, Help. #TAL #Ira Glass #Phillip Glass #Opera

Local girl sat mesmerized watching one of RAP’s student’s painting at the back of the Pantheon. #Rome #ItalianLife

"Janus: The Flipper, The Flippin’, The Flippant"

Currently fascinated by Matisse’s investigation of Waves and bodies through collage. #DrawWithScissors #SweetInspiration #Thankyou

"Maria Gentry. King Henry’s Daughter. Note: She punches and likes to threaten and take stuff. She especially likes to talk about scientific experiments she’s going to do to you in her laboratory. She sings "Don’t Cry For Me Argentina" (her very apparent favorite) and other classic broadway hits all the time. They bounce out of her throat like some legatto (sp?) vocal frog hiccups that sing-jump loudly out of her at irregular intervals. She said she was going to take or wanted (depending on the day) my skin, my hair, my eyes and my mouth and let me die but she forgot about that when I’d ask her to sing. It would seem to help sometimes. Other times, she’d get distracted by the things and people only she could see and hear. Sometimes she’d tell me to read to her and ordered that I do it without looking at the book. Sometimes I’d oblige and inevitably do it wrong and she’d start yelling magical instructions. She’d only quiet down if she felt compelled to try to control one of her delusions more than me (I don’t think she knew if I was real or not) or if I hummed Lullabye, sung the one Bonnie Raitt song I know, or a show tune, the ones I remember most readily and can sing most quietly. Melodies seemed to quiet her mind. We ended up singing one together. I think it was Evita. Overall, ‘Princess’ Maria Gentry wants to forget but wants to be remembered like a song that people might want to listen to on repeat." #WhatIsYourLegacy #CroakPrettyCore #LookingLeft - Crayon on Paper - 2014 - Approx 3.5"x4"